Slovenian Section of IBBY is the sponsor of International Children’s Book Day 2020!

It is a special honor for the Slovenian Section of IBBY to be the sponsor of the International Children’s Book Day. It was at the IBBY Congress in Ljubljana in 1966 that April 2nd, Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, was proclaimed the International Children’s Book Day and celebrated ever since. The Slovenian Section of IBBY had previously been the international sponsor of ICBD in 1997 when artists Matjaž Schmidt and Boris A. Novak designed the poster Childhood Is Poetry of Life. Poetry Is Childhood of the World.

For the Children’s Book Day 2020, Peter Svetina wrote Hunger for Words, while Damijan Stepančič illustrated the poster and, together with Melita Rak, designed the invitation in the form of a cube. Just as we construct words out of characters and stories out of words, you can construct a cube out of 2020’s invitations to the celebration of the International Children’s Book Day. We hope our construction will address children all over the world and inspire reading mentors to satisfy children’s hunger for quality literature.


P. Svetina mala  Damijan Stepancic mala
Peter Svetina Damijan Stepančič
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intervju peter mala  damijan intervju mala

In late October, we have sent the posters and invitations to all National Sections around the world. We really hope that you like them as much as we do! We wish you a successful presentation, an unforgettable celebration of April 2nd 2020 and a lot of success in bringing children and books together!


Peter Svetina wrote the message "Hunger for Words", while Damijan Stepančič illustrated the poster and, together with Melita Rak, designed the invitation in the form of a cube.


Readers all over the world celebrate with us and have sent us videos with this year's ICBD message, written by Peter Svetina, read in different languages.

Thank you!

avstralija mala kocka mala rusija1 mala ekvador mala
francija mala grdi racek mala ruščina mala rusija mala
invitation mala iran1 mala iran mala iran2 mala
armenija mala korea mala hrvatska mala krasnodar mala
grki mala Japonska mala Litva mala malorca mala
rusi1 mala rusi2 mala rusi mala ruski mala
petersburg mala icd mala  brazilija mala indonezija mala
malezija mala rusija10 mala kitajska10 mala rusija11 mala

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